Cast Wheels

Cast aluminum wheels are the most common alloy wheels on the market today. These wheels are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into a mold which forms the material into the desired wheel shape. Once the aluminum cools it is then machined, drilled and trimmed into the final product. The process of casting a wheel is the least expensive method of manufacturing wheels. The disadvantages to this wheel manufacturing process are known as porosity. Porosity is inconsistencies in the material structure which can lead to cracking or overall reduction in the wheel’s integrity. In order to ensure the integrity of a cast wheel the manufacturers have to use more material which leads to heavier wheels. Heavier wheels on your vehicle make it harder to get up to speed and harder to slow back down. If you are looking for better performance you should consider flow form or even forged wheels.

Flow Form Or Rotary Forged Wheels

Flow Form or Rotary Forged wheels are slightly better than your regular Cast wheels. In reality there is nothing forged about these wheels. The name "Flow Forged" or "Rotary Forged" is really a marketing ploy to convey a sense of strength in a wheel. Flow Form or Rotary Forged wheels do have advantages over your regular Cast wheels. This process allows wheel manufactures to use less material to create a lighter wheel which in return is better for performance. Manufacturing a Flow Form or Rotary Forged wheel starts just like any other cast wheel, however the barrel portion of the wheel is narrower than the final wheel will actually be. Once the cast is made the unfinished wheel is placed on a machine where the wheel is heated to over 400 degrees and then spun. A spinning disc contacts the wheel and widens the barrel of the wheel forming the final shape and width of the wheel. This process of heat and pressure helps strengthen the aluminum in the barrel portion of the wheel.

Forged Wheels

Forged wheels are the superior wheel on the market today. Forged wheels are strong, light and expensive due to the amount of material that is used during the manufacturing process. Forged wheels are cut out of a solid piece of 6061 aluminum using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. Forged wheels are super lightweight with extremely high load rating. Reducing the weight of the wheel or the "un-sprung" weight of your vehicle is the easiest way to improve performance. Lighter wheels will make it easier to get up to speed, easier to stop, and make it easier for your suspension to do its job effectively. Forged wheels can also be made into designs that are not possible with your regular Cast or Flow Form wheels. Due to increased aluminum strength, these wheels can be designed with far more intricate designs or thinner spokes than a Cast or Flow Form wheel.

Custom Forged Wheels

Did you find a wheel design for your vehicle that doesn't come in the fitment you want? Did you find the right wheel but would like a different color? Custom forged wheels might be the option for you! When it comes to forged wheel designs you are pretty much only limited to your imagination. We work directly with the factory to get you the best price on pretty much any wheel design and color combination that you could desire.

Price Guide

These are the starting prices and can vary slightly based on design, color etc. You are generally looking at around 4 to 6 months to have these wheels designed, manufactured and shipped to our location. All our forged wheels are manufactured using 6061-T6 aluminum. (Click Here)