Tire Storage Agreement

Tire Storage Agreement (See Rates Here)

Terms & Conditions:

“Customer” as per the agreement is the person named on the work order and purchase agreement which also may include a person(s) entitled to the wheels and or tires as bearer.

“Company” is Premier Tires and Wheels dba Premier Mobile Tires and Detailing ltd, located at both unit(s) 104 & 203-8468 162 Street in Surrey, BC as a registered corporation of British Columbia. Storage location may change without notice at any time and is up to the company’s discretion. 

“Tires” by definition means the actual tire, wheel and or any associated parts required for installation as supplied by the customer. 

Premier Tires and Wheels requires a “reasonable time” to retrieve and make the tires available to said customer, which shall be no less than two consecutive business days. Payments due must also be paid in full before releasing the tires from company to customer. All fees or charges set in the terms of this agreement must be paid including applicable taxes on time or a 30 calendar day warning of disposal will come into effect. Should the customer fail to pay any sum when due the agreement between Premier Tires and Wheels and the customer will be null and void. Any and all claims against Premier Tires and Wheels will be invalid. 

“Abandoned property” rules apply should the customer not respond to Premier Tires and Wheels within twenty-one (21) days of such notice. Abandoned property is defined as the customer not paying on time and or not responding to Premier Tires and Wheels. Should the customer not pay within the agreed time, Premier Tires may enforce its rights as a secured creditor, including any rights to seize and sell the tires at the time of default. Notice to customers includes but is not limited to phone calls, emails, text messages, and mailed letters. 

“Disposal” is applicable should the tires be abandoned or not paid on time as agreed by the customer, Premier Tires and Wheels may dispose of the tires and or wheels after 30 days without notice. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all contact information given is updated frequently to ensure open communication between all parties regarding pick up, drop off, storage and installation dates. 

“Initial term” will start on the date the customer dropped the tires off seasonally for six months minimum at a rate of $16 a month plus tax, after the initial six months it will be a month to month basis equalling 6 month pre payments. Payments within each six month term are non-refundable for any reason.  An “automatic renewal” will come into effect should the customer not contact us before the agreed term is up. If payment is not made the company will dispose of the tires within 10 days of payment due date. This date is one year or one month after agreed upon contact storage date.

Premier Tires and Wheels is not to insure or guarantee insurance against damage or loss of the tires stored by Premier Tires and Wheels. The company will do everything possible to ensure proper storage conditions, however, liability is limited. The company is also not responsible for customers dropping off rotted or damaged tires. Inspection of property before dropping off for storage is at the burden of the customer. The customer hereby waives, indemnifies and releases Premier Tires and Wheels from and against any and all claims related to these tires (property) against Premier Tires and Wheels for the damage or loss arising during the contract period. 

Premier Tires and Wheels has full consent to customer personal information provided for improving customer service and to provide the customer with promotional materials or notice of company changes. The customer agrees to be contacted at any time via all methods of communication provided by said customer.

Enforcement of this contract by Premier Tires and Wheels should there be further costs associated with these terms, the customer will agree to pay all legal fees and disbursements should there be any breach in provisions, covenants and indemnities set out in this Agreement.

This agreement is binding upon all parties listed, their executors, their heirs, legal representatives, permitted assigns and successors and will be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia. 

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